VAPOR KLEAN, was formed in 2020 as a result of Covid 19 pandemic. I’m Glen Sexton founder of VAPOR KLEAN and managing member. My vocation is in residential construction, having been involved in some ten thousand residential units from single-family to high rise apartments. My advocation was in aviation, having been a Cessna training dealer, and flight instructor.

Then we were hit by the invisible enemy, Covid 19. Suddenly life changed. It was sheltered in place, no running, no flight instruction, no family gatherings, dining with friends, no attending church. Of course, there were lots of reruns on TV and card games with my bride of 42 years. (She beats me). When I would go to the doctor they would go down the list of standard questions and ask if I was depressed. I would say yes, I was, who isn’t with all that is happening due to the invisible enemy.

Then one day I was talking to my friend of twenty-five years and he mentioned that he knew something that would kill microbes without using dangerous chemicals. That piqued my interest, as I have allergies and migraines that give me a lot of sinus problems.

He told me more about his company and furnished me with scientific studies, peer reviews, and data. The more I read, the more I realized that with his machine, I could proudly fight back against the invisible enemy, disinfect, and be green at the same time. I could eliminate the dangerous chemicals that are being improperly used everywhere we go.

So I became a dealer and I’m back working with my friend. It is a great irony that this horrible pandemic brought two friends back together, working to help people have healthy and safe lives. 

I know all those who invest in the MondoVap 2400 will have safer and healthier lives.



Our Mission is to create a safer and healthier environment where people can get their lives back. In doing so, eliminate harmful chemicals by using the tap water only TANCS® System that has been established by the EPA as a chemical free disinfectant device.



Glen Sexton (Manager) glensexton37@vapor-klean.com
Caleb Stowell (Marketing) cstowell11@gmail.com


(310) 433 9265