Take a moment and remember when lead was used in paint. It made paint colors better with less fade spread smoother and last longer. Just a little problem it made people very sick. Then there was asbestos. We used it every where in insulation, acoustical ceilings, fire proofing and even cigarette filters. Remember, “Nine out of ten doctors recommend Kool cigarettes.” Haven’t seen those doctors around lately. I wonder what happened to them? How about the spot remover, Energine? It was great! it could even get soy sauce off of silk ties. What happened to such a great product? It was made from carbon tetrachloride, which became a deadly gas when inhaled. All ofAll the products are now gone,
thankfully. Now think about the chemicals that are being so widely used for sanitizing. Ask yourself why are calls up 20% to Poison Control since the start of the pandemic. When was the last time you read the small, printed label on the back side of the bottle containing chemicals? When you do you will find some of the following directions and cautions. USE ONLY IN WELL VENTILATED AREAS. Open windows turn on fan. If vapors brother you, leave the room while product is working. Avoid contact with clothes,
fabric, wood, rubber, painted and paper surfaces. Prolonged contact with metal, old porcelain or worn plastic laminate may cause discoloration. TO CLEAN AND DISINFECT HARD NONPOROUS SURFACES: pre-clean heavily soiled surfaces wet surfaces completely. Let stand 5 minutes (some say up to 20 minutes). Then Remove dried chemicals with plain clear water. Can cause eye and skin irritations. Safety Data Sheets Wear protective clothing, gloves, face protection and eye protection such as safety glasses.
Heart conditions or chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, chronic bronchitis may be aggravated by exposure to high concentrations of vapor or mist. Toxic to fish, aquatic invertebrates, oysters, and shrimp. Wear long sleeve shirt. Respiratory protection must be provided in accordance with current local regulations. EPA has established these chemicals as pesticides.


First the MondoVap® 2400 has a proprietary device called TANCS® (Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitizer). The tap water is processed through the TANCS® device where the electrical charge is neutralized. The minerals become free flowing nano crystals. At this point the tap water enters the two- chamber boiler. And like an autoclave the ambient temperature and pressure is raised. The water is heated to 340 degrees and the pressure to 98psi becoming a dry (5%water) vapor. The vapor is then dispensed directly on the surface to be disinfected. The results are that the viruses are killed in 7 seconds or less. The human corona virus 229e is killed in 3 seconds.

What does the MondoVap® 2400 do?

It simultaneously does three things. It cleans, disinfects, and destroys the biofilm.

What is a biofilm?

Metaphorically it can be thought of as a hotel for bacteria and viruses. You have seen slime on stagnated
water that is a giant biofilm. Biofilms also occur at the microscopic level and can be found on most
surfaces that we commonly touch daily. That is why you must destroy the biofilm to disinfect.

What maintenance does the MondoVap®  2400 require?

Just drain the boiler of sediment once a month.