Outperforms Chemicals

Not only is the MondoVap2400® Eco Friendly, but it is also more effective than chemical disinfectants.  The use of chemicals has limitations. The first step in using chemicals requires that the surface be cleaned with soap and water to remove any grit and grime. This is important because in the microbe, world the microbes use the dust like an umbrella sheltering them from the chemicals. The second step after cleaning the surface is to apply the chemicals. It should be noted the EPA classes these chemicals as pesticides. After applying the chemicals they must dwell on the surface up to twenty minutes. Also note that the label states to be used on hard non porous surfaces. Now for the third step after the required dwell time the residual chemicals must be removed otherwise the dry chemicals add to the biofilm and provide food for the microbes. Because of the required dwell times the chemicals can’t work on vertical surfaces.

This is the beauty of MondoVap2400® TANCS® technology. It doesn’t require a surface to be cleaned, since it cleans as it disinfects. There is no dwell time. There is no rinsing because the biofilm is already gone. Vertical surfaces are no problem as you’re not using a liquid.

Remember, don’t sanitize, disinfect. The Green MondoVap is the only way to go!