Peer Reviewed Studies & Laboratory Test

Two Nationally recognized laboratories performed tests on the efficacy of the TANCS® dry steam vapor system in killing microbes. Their results supported the TANCS® dry steam vapor ability to perform in disinfecting. Four nationally known universities did Peer Reviews which supported the laboratories results in disinfecting better and faster than Chemicals.

Comments from some of the Peer Reviews

University of Michigan found that, "TANCS®️-equipped steam vapor systems kill more microbes in 3 seconds than even strong disinfectants such as bleach can in 20 minutes".

"A 99.9999 percent reduction of MRSA and VRE on surfaces within 5 seconds is a level of performance that chemical disinfectants may never achieve".

"TANCS® is the only product that has demonstrated its efficacy against a human norovirus surrogate, feline calicivirus, on carpet in the peer-review format".


American Journal of Infection Control has made evaluations of TANCS®️steam vapor technology in disinfecting and destroying biofilms. 
Virus Contact Time Result
Norovirus (Feline Calicivirus) 7 Seconds >99.99% Reduction‡
Canine Parvovirus 7 Seconds >99.99% Reduction‡
Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) H9N2 7 Seconds >99.99% Reduction
Human coronavirus 229E 3 Seconds ≥99.94% Reduction
MS2 Virus (Non-enveloped “Indicator” Virus) 2 Seconds >99.99% Reduction