TANCS® technology utilizes nanotechnology to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses—using tap water only. Researchers found that TANCS®-equipped steam vapor systems kill more microbes in 3 seconds than even strong disinfectants such as bleach can in 20 minutes.
  • Reopen your business and have an edge over your competition by disinfecting with TANCS® chemical-free technology.
  • Saves labor and the time to turn over a room as TANCS® is a one-step process unlike chemical disinfectants which require three steps and dwell time of 20 minutes or more.
  • Cleans carpet and removes stains and pet odors with a simple pass.
  • Disinfects counters, floors, showers, toilets, and fabric furniture (chemicals cannot disinfect).
  • Dry steam vapor also kills bed bugs and dust mites on contact. With no drying time.



When it comes to the lodging industry, uncleanliness is one of the biggest reputation killers. People who travel pay attention to cleanliness, and hotels that do everything in their power to prevent problems have a better chance of keeping customer loyalty. That’s why it’s imperative for hotel management to educate their housekeepers on how to deal with every situation quickly and efficiently. When it comes to cleanliness, the most common complaints from guests are smelly rooms, crabs, and bed bugs. Smelly Rooms To eliminate cigarette and cigar odor, hotel housekeepers usually spray powerful deodorants that do nothing more than temporarily ‘mask’ the smoke odor. Many hotels, in turn, charge the departing guest for this service. But smelly rooms are not just from guests smoking in non-smoking rooms. Odor causing bacteria hide in many places—like the bathroom sink, commode, and bathtub. A properly trained housekeeper should be able to recognize what the smell is and how to properly clean it. Keeping everything smelling clean and fresh includes getting beneath fixtures and drain rings. If the odors aren’t removed, it can mean lost business. And don’t forget pets. Guests traveling with their furry family members often let them sit on the furniture, leaving potent ‘pet odors’ behind. Worse yet, pets might soil the carpet. Bed Bugs and Crabs When a guest is surprised by the itching associated with bed bugs and crabs, hotel management, in good faith, reimburses the guest. When the guest leaves, invariably the guest will spread the word. More than likely this means a negative online review. Having reviews that mention bed bugs can seriously decrease business.

How to Prevent Complaints

When guests walk to their room they often see housekeeping carts loaded with spray bottles sporting labels making bold claims. There is a deodorant, a glass cleaner, and furniture polish. And, of course, a mop bucket and a disinfectant.
How many rooms will share the germs in that mop bucket? The conventional disinfecting protocol in place for hotel housekeepers is this: remove gross soil
first, then apply an all-purpose cleaner and let it dry. After that, employ a disinfectant and let it to dwell for 3 to 10 minutes (depending of the product) before rinsing. The problem with this process is that it leaves a biofilm, a great food source for bacteria. That’s because Toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOC’s) are in ALL cleaning chemicals. Although it may be negligible when a guest opens the door to their ‘home away from home,’ the residual is definitely there. Not only is it linked to cancer, it attracts new dirt like fly paper. But a proprietary patented cleaning product increasingly catching the attention of hotel management not only cleans faster and better than conventional disinfectants, it leaves no residuals behind. Which means whatever is cleaned stays clean longer. The product is called Thermal Accelerated Nano Crystal Sanitation, or TANCS for short, and it’s lab tested and scientifically proven to produce better results than traditional disinfectants. When installed on a steam vapor system, TANCS turns ordinary tap water into a powerful cleaning agent, disinfecting everything in seconds—without chemicals. Not only does TANCS
provide the deepest clean possible using a simple water-only protocol, it qualifies as a disinfection device for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The benefits of cleaning with a TANCS-equipped steam vapor system are:

  • A smoking room can be converted to a non-smoking room without toxic sprays
  • All hidden bacteria can be killed utilizing various attachments
  • All bathroom surfaces can be disinfected without cross contamination
  • Bed bugs and crabs are killed on contact
  • Upholstered furniture and carpets can be disinfected and dry in minutes

Be Loyal To Your Guests

It might not be immediately obvious, but guests want to be loyal. They want something to hold onto. And if hotel management makes the best use of today’s technology, that something could be the products they use to clean guest rooms. Most hotel housekeepers use toxic cleaners to clean and disinfect guest rooms. But there is a faster and healthier way. Because TANCS—offered exclusively by Advanced Vapor Technologies of Everett, WA—uses only tap water, it’s not only healthier than cancer-causing chemicals for guests but also for housekeepers (exposure to cleaning chemicals is the largest contributing risk factor for occupational illness and injury). TANCS equipped steam vapor systems are simple to use, simple to train personnel and, most
of all, chemical-free. The choice is yours. But remember: The secret of guest loyalty is being loyal to your guests.
One way to be loyal is to ditch those toxic cleaning products that danger human health.


Based in Raleigh, NC, Kerry W. Rigg is an author, consultant, and trainer to the cleaning industry. (OSHA CERTIFIED INSTRUCTOR)